Learn the secrets to calm 


Do you fight with your child to go to school each day?
Does your child complain of stomach aches or headaches?
Is it difficult to know what kind of mood your child will be in when they wake up?
Do you find yourself exhausted trying to manage your child’s frustrations?
Are you at your wits end with your child’s tantrums or meltdowns?

Do you need help calming your child that can explode from zero to twenty in 2 seconds flat?

You are not alone!

Are you ready to get to the bottom of your child’s frustrations? 
Are you prepared to dig deeper to understand your child’s worry? 

Calm The Chaos is a 4-week e-course designed to give you the information you need to understand your child's behaviors. The course provides the tools and strategies necessary to dig deeper to find the source of the anxiety, remain calm as a parent and help your child cope with the world around them. 

I believe the Calm the Chaos Framework can change your life too!

Five Pillars of the
Calm the Chaos Framework

Each week in this self-paced course is strategically designed with five parts, so you don't have to wait until the end of the course to learn actionable strategies to help calm your anxious child. 

* UnderstandingBrain based research to explain the "why" behind your child's anxious behaviors. 

* Assessing You will gain the ability to assess, observe, and modify behaviors in your child, so you can get to the root of your child’s anxiety.

* Implementing - You will learn the exact phrases and strategies that you can use to calm both your child and yourself in the heat of the moment.

* Self-Regulation - You will harness the knowledge that will allow you to teach your child how to regulate their own emotions and take control of their chaos.

* Resources - Books for parents, books for kids, websites to check out, games you can play, tools you need in your home.


After This Course, You Will Have the Tools & Skills to... 

Find the Source of Anxiety

Stop a meltdown before it happens by learning exactly what happens in the brain before, during and after. 

Remain Calm as a Parent 

Have a more peaceful home by learning simple and easy to apply parenting strategies vital to calming the chaos.

Help Your Child Cope

Give your child the skills to control their own calm by implementing tools for self regulation. 

About the Course Instructor

Dayna Abraham

Dayna is a down to earth, National Board Certified educator turned stay at home mom. Having a child with anxiety of her own, she truly understands what you are going through.

Dayna is the author of best selling book, Sensory Processing 101, and founder of the popular blog Lemon Lime Adventures and Project Sensory.

What others are saying about Calm the Chaos

"I am in tears reading the lessons and having to put my thoughts/feeling in ink and paper. Tears of thanks for Calm the Chaos.  Tears of relief that there is help for my son. Tears of joy for the amazing little person my son is. Tears of amazement at the number of parents/ grandparents/ caregivers that seek the desire to help their child/children learn to cope with their emotions in a positive way."

~ Amanda m.

"Calm the Chaos gave me the exact tools I needed to start making a positive change for our anxious child. Dayna was there every step of the way walking us through our journey. I highly recommend this course!"

~ Lauren T.

"I am so much more aware that I am not alone in this, and how thankful I am for this amazing group. It is so hard for us as parents/caregivers, I have spent more time imagining how much harder it is for the children! Makes me literally stop to think about the situation, and ponder ways to get through it together."

~ Sharlyn G.  

What's Included In This Course? 

* Dynamic course content tailored to your needs and built to help you with the problems you are having specifically with your child!

Calm the Chaos worksheets with each lesson so you can easily create your toolbox as we go.  

* Visual schedules and tools that come from real parents and real children.

* Calm the Chaos community. A thiving community where you can get your questions answered, celebrate your victories, or get an encouraging word when you need it most.

* Live questions and answer calls at the end of each week.  That’s when I get on the call with calm the chaos members answering all of your specific questions.

* A
ccess to me in our private group... Another avenue to get your specific questions answered and can get one on one support when you get stuck.

Next online class begins August 22nd. Limited space available. 

Learn More About Your Bonuses

Complete Calm the Chaos Workbook
Workbooks for you and your child so that you can always go back and work on these strategies whenever you need to.

Lifetime Access
Lifetime Access to the Parenting An Anxious Child 10 Day Course, along with all the printable worksheets that go with it. This course is the perfect starting point for any parent starting their positive parenting journey or any parenting struggling with day to day parenting.

Founder Status
This course is just the beginning to the full Calm the Chaos Framework. You are getting in on the ground floor and I am so honored to work with you and help you and your family regain control, that I want to extend a lifetime discount for any future “Calm the Chaos” courses we offer. By joining along during this time only, you will be given “founder” status and will get any future course for at least 50% off, plus other exclusive bonuses just for you. We have a lot planned for this coursework and we want to thank you for trusting us as we begin.

14 Day Free Look Policy
I want to help you calm your anxious child. If after two weeks of the course, you find that this is not the course for you, I want to use take advantage of our 14 Day Free Look Policy.  Just send me a note, I’ll get you a refund. No hard feelings.

Together, we can calm the chaos for you and your anxious child
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